What’s the Best Amazon Echo Speaker?【2020 REVIEW】

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What’s the Best Amazon Echo Speaker?【2020 REVIEW】


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Main Feature Integrated plug, to install in any room. Quality speaker for small spaces. Touch screen for entertainment. Alexa with high quality sound. Speaker with integrated smart home controller. Immersive sound with 5 speakers.
Speakers 15mm mini speaker (0.6″) 40mm (1.6″) speaker 40mm (1.6″) speaker 76mm (3″) Neodymium Woofer and 20mm (0.8″) Tweeter 76mm (3″) Neodymium Woofer and 20mm (0.8″) Tweeter 3 50mm (2″) Midrange, 25mm (1″) Tweeter and 133mm (5.25″) Woofer
Input/Output 3,5mm Output 3,5mm Input/Output 3,5mm Output 3,5mm Input/Output 3,5mm Input/Output 3,5mm Input / Optic Toslink
Screen 5,5″ Touch Smart Display
Dolby Technology Yes Yes Yes. Atmos

A few years have passed since the first Echo device with Alexa assistant appeared. Since then, Amazon has evolved getting to have 7 Amazon Echo models today. In this comparison we review the characteristics of each of them, their functionality and main differences between them. Thanks to this variety of speakers, its functionalities and price ranges, there is surely an Amazon Echo perfect for you. Which Amazon Echo with Alexa speaker should you buy? Let’s start!

Echo Flex

echo flex

Echo Flex model is perfect for extending Alexa functionality to other rooms in the house. It has a built-in plug, so its installation is extremely simple. It also has a USB port to charge another device or plug an accessory such as a night light or motion sensor.

With several Echo Flex speakers installed in different rooms, it’s possible to use as an intercom system through Alexa. Like the rest of Echo speakers, this Echo Flex model allows you to control compatible Smart Home devices. It’s available on Amazon since November 14, 2019, making it the youngest member of this family of speakers.

It’s perfect: to have all the Alexa features in any room and at a very low price.

Echo Dot

echo dot

With this Echo Dot model we’ll have a speaker with very good performance and also with a very attractive design. Perfect for listening music and it’s even possible to pair two devices of this model to achieve excellent sound quality. We can ask Alexa to tell us the news, the weather, make calls or send messages in addition to hundreds of functions thanks to Alexa Skills.

There is a version with digital clock that will be perfect on the night table as an alarm clock. Control Digital Home devices through voice in any room with this speaker.

It’s perfect: as an alarm clock to start every day with all the news, traffic, weather, etc…

Echo Show 5

echo show 5

The Echo Show 5 model has a 5.5-inch smart touch display to show both the information we ask to Alexa and all multimedia entertainment. Its design is quite compact but the screen gives it great versatility. It’s possible to live view cameras that are compatible, watch Netflix or YouTube videos, and all just by asking Alexa.

It’s available in two colors, black and white, it has a camera for video calls that can be covered when we don’t use it with a small sliding tab, very useful for those worried about privacy. It also allows you to control compatible Smart Home devices, both through voice/Alexa and using the touch screen.

It’s perfect: to visualize all the information that we request to Alexa and to enjoy multimedia entertainment.

All-new Echo

nuevo echo

With this denomination, All-new Echo, is how Amazon has named the third generation of its flagship Echo device. We are in front of a speaker with superior quality performance, hence its price too. With it you can enjoy high quality surround sound with Dolby technology, in addition to all the functionality of Alexa.

It is available in four colors, black, white, light blue and dark gray. Its tower-shaped design helps make the sound quality extraordinary with a 360 degree orientation. It also allows you to control compatible Smart Home devices.

It’s perfect: as a multimedia speaker to listen your favorite music just by asking Alexa.

Echo Plus

echo plus

This Echo Plus model, very similar to the previous All-new Echo speaker, provides in addition an integrated Zigbee Smart Home controller that allows you to control all compatible devices. It also has an integrated temperature sensor and better sound quality than the All-new Echo.

It’s available in three colors, anthracite, light gray and dark gray. It also has a tower shaped design that helps make the sound quality extraordinary with the same 360 ​​degree orientation as the previous model. This speaker has superior quality with Dolby technology.

It’s perfect: also as a multimedia speaker and to control Smart Home devices compatible with Zigbee.

Echo Studio

echo studio

The Echo Studio is the most expensive model of all Echo speakers. The main feature of this model is its extraordinary sound quality. It has a surround sound with 5 speakers that provide very powerful bass can be customized by midrange and treble also.

Obviously it has all Alexa functionality and also has a built-in Smart Home Zigbee device controller, to control compatible devices. This model is available on Amazon since November 2019.

It’s perfect: to use as the main speaker for any home theater system, and taking advantage of all the functionality of Alexa.

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